If the issue is the high availability and reliability of electricity generation systems, the operators have only one goal – to prevent any unexpected failure or malfunctions in day-to-day operation, as a failure means financial losses: Unplanned service visits are expensive in terms of time and money.

Bender insulation monitoring devices provides effective protection, because an unexpected insulation fault often means unexpected downtime or an increased risk of fire. 

Innovative Bender developments 

to provide optimum customer-specific solutions.

  • Electrical safety for unearthed power supplies
    A-ISOMETER®, Insulation monitoring devices - Insulation fault location devices - Earth fault relays

  • Power supplies for medically used rooms
    MEDICS® Switchover and monitoring modules - Indicator and operator panels - IT system transformers 

  • Electrical safety for earthed power supplies
    Residual current monitors RCM, RCMA - Residual current monitoring systems RCMS
  • Measuring relays and monitoring relays
    Voltage relays, Current relays, Asymmetry relays, Phase sequence relays, Frequency relays - Monitoring relays for special functions
  • Making efficient use of renewable energy
    A-ISOMETER® iso-PV for insulation monitoring in photovoltaic systems - EDS systems for fast and reliable localisation of insulation faults in photovoltaic systems - VMD422 and VMD423 for reliable electricity infeed through wind power plants - RCMA278P for reliable detection of fault currents in power converters
  • Testing system for electrical safety

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